Corvina Cloud 1.0 is an advanced connectivity management solution that enables control of IIoT activity. Deriving directly from the JMCloud product, Corvina Cloud 1.0 is powerful, robust, highly scalable and offers advanced VPN features. Drastically reduces excess costs related to installation and maintenance.

The evolution of the Cloud by Exor is called Corvina Cloud 2.0.

It connects all products, plants, systems and machines, whether new or legacy. It allows you to process data generated by the Internet of Things (IoT) in a simple and intuitive way with advanced analyses. It connects the layers between IT and OT architectures, providing effective tools to achieve all the benefits of Industry 4.0, such as asset performance management, predictive maintenance and OT remote monitoring.


The eXware series represents an important first step in the implementation of IIoT and compatibility with Industry 4.0. eXware, being able to communicate both with automation devices and with cloud or fog applications, represents the essential connection tool for achieving IIoT management of your system.

Through use as a gateway, powerful HMI, PLC with CODESYS V3 or router, eXware makes it easy to enable complex, data-intensive IIoT applications.

Perfect integration is achieved with the vast library of communication protocols that are common to JMobile software. It's easy to deploy and upgrade existing installations and only minimal programming knowledge is required thanks to JMobile's brilliant user interface.