ABB boasts great experience in applying safety requirements to machines and systems, offering a complete range of innovative solutions, designed to create safety systems for industry.

Among ABB's flagship products we find Pluto, a compact, powerful and convenient safety PLC for all machine and plant safety applications.
Numerous safety devices on the market can be connected directly to Pluto and multiple safety sensors can be connected to the same input while still maintaining the highest level of safety.
Programming is done easily using the accompanying Pluto Manager software.

As regards ABB's RFID sensors, we cannot fail to mention the Eden range.

Eden is a non-contact safety sensor used to monitor interlocked doors and detect safe positions.

It is used to ensure that a machine stops when a door or hatch is opened, it can be used to monitor whether a robot is in a given fixed position when someone enters the work area.

A non-contact safety sensor consists of two complementary parts that can detect each other's presence without mechanical contact.

This allows for more flexible mounting than traditional mechanical devices.

The two parts of the Eden sensor communicate continuously with each other and any failures directly trigger a stop signal.


Turck Banner manages to differentiate itself through the huge variety of safety solutions. Components and systems for every application:

Protection for man and machine

Safety is essential in automotive applications. The MVK Metallico Safety fieldbus modules are a very interesting solution of active safety technology. MVK Metallico Safety allows installations to reach Safety Integrity Level 3 (according to IED 61508 and IEC 62061 standards) and Performance Level e (according to EN ISO 13849-1 standards). MVK Metallico Safety is available in versions with inputs only or with inputs and outputs.

Less wiring, more diagnostics

  • Shorter sensor and actuator connection cables
  • M12 and Push/Pull connections
  • Avoid wiring errors
  • Complete diagnostics