Euro Cold was founded in 1989 and was established as a technical engineering company in the industrial cooling sector. Today, Euro Cold is one of the major manufacturers of fluid coolers for machine manufacturers.

The company has gained valuable professional experience throughout the years in the field of engineering and production of cooling systems, which are increasingly being used across a wide range of industries:

  • metal working machines
  • wood working machines
  • plastic working machines
  • glass working machines
  • packaging machines
  • printing machines
  • welding systems

... and much more.

Euro Cold develops and produces fluid coolers and heat exchangers in cabinet versions or customised to the customer's requirements, which can be equipped with a wide range of accessories.

Upon request, special solutions according to client's drawings can be supplied thanks to our skills and experience in the field. The aim is to ensure a precise answer to the ever-changing and evolving specific needs of machine and industrial systems' manufacturers in terms of temperature control.

Euro Cold completes its range of products with cooling, cleaning and maintenance fluids which are ideal for the correct and efficient functioning of coolers over time.



Air condensed water chillers

Chillers for water-glycol solution in low concentration. Cooling capacities from 2 to 200 kW - models with settable temperature of the liquid between +15 and +27°C.

Oil coolers

Cooling systems for hydraulic oil. Cooling capacities from 3.5 to 38 kW. Operating range, oil temperatures from +25 to +40°C.

Cutting fluid coolers

Cooling units designed specifically for cutting fluids such as oil-water emulsions (RCFE) or cutting oil (RCFO). Cooling capacities from 5 to 38 kW. Operating range, cutting-fluid temperatures from +25 to +35°C.

Low temperature water-glycol chillers

Chillers for high concentration water-glycol solution. Cooling capacities from 2 to 11 kW.
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Immersion chillers for cutting fluids

Immersion chillers for cutting fluids (emulsions up to 8% and oil cooling with viscosity grade up to 22 centistokes at +40°C).

Air/water heat exchangers

Water is conveyed into the heat exchanger and cooled by the fan-forced air. The heat exchange occurs between the ambient air and the liquid. Cooling capacities from 1 to 7 kW.

Maintenance, protection, cleaning and circulating fluids

Range of chemical products formulated specifically for the hydraulic circuits of water cooling systems. EUROCLEAN 1045, EUROCLEAN 1250, EUROTERM 131, EUROGEL AL

Special cooling applications

We design and create customized solutions upon request aiming at specific temperature control needs for a wide range of fast-growing industrial applications.